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Studies consistently show that receiving acting and theatre education from an early age helps students academically, especially in the areas of reading comprehension, narrative writing, reasoning, memorization, and social interaction.
Theatre is not only fun, it’s practical! 

 Greenleaf’s theatre program offers classes for students age 6 through adult in a welcoming, encouraging environment.  We train students through a progressive curriculum of improvisation, speech and elocution training, movement exercises, scene and ensemble work, and acting theory.  We also offer classes that focus on specific aspects of acting, such as improv or musical theatre.

Our periodic student plays and musicals give young actors a chance to perform and serve the community through acting.  

Actors typically benefit from several years at each level in order to achieve skill mastery and confidence.
Each year, new exercises and scenes are incorporated so that the classes are always fun, exciting, and challenging for students.
All classes participate in an acting showcase at the end of each semester.
Theatre students will also have the opportunity to audition for Greenleaf productions.